Sunday, March 26, 2006

Category: Weddings - Jeff & Jackie

Even though i was in the wedding party of my brother's wedding, i still had a chance to snap off a few images of the happy new couple. Congrats Jeff and Jackie!

Category: Sports

These images were taken in Orlando at the New York Mets Fantasy Camp. A few other goodies included.

Category: Kids

More to come in this section!

Category: Portraits/Individuals 3

Yet another continuation of Individual portraits.

Category: Portraits/Individuals 2

A continuation of Individual Portraits.

Category: Portraits/Individuals 1

People! They're EVERYWHERE! Here are some shots of willing individuals that were brave enough to show their smile to the camera.

Category: Couples

I ran into these two in Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean. I had a blast shooting these two clowns, as you can see!

Category: Candid Portraits

A sneaky collection of unaware vicitims who never saw it coming...